Lake Balaton


Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton

The Lake Balaton is a fantastic place for kids and adults as well. Everything is given here for a good relaxing holiday especially summertime. At the South side the water is usually shallower, better for small kids, at the North part the water is deeper, better for swimming. The lake is 77 km long and it’s area is approximately 595 km2. The water is clear, and many opportunities in the neighborhood as well. Crocodile park, Africa museum, Surf, concerts, classical night concerts at Keszthely castle, puppy museum. Zoo at Veszprem. Vulcanic hills at North side. Castle ruins at Szigliget, beautiful parks.

Bicycle road is existing all around the lake, popular program is to bicycling around the lake, or just partly in several days.


Beaches: everywhere around the lake most of them free, some of them not. The non free beaches usually has better services such as catering, showers, sunbeds, etc.

Popular settlements:

Siofok, Zamardi, Balatonfured, Keszthely, Fonyod, Szigliget, Heviz

Things to do:

visit the Festetics Castle, and Helikon museum : 8360 Keszthely, Kastély str 1.
Africa museum: 8312 Balatonederics, Kültelek 11.
Little Balaton nature reserve visitor center, Kányavári island between Zalavár and Balatonmagyaród the island can be approached through the bridge can be seen in the above gallery. Around the island the 1,5-2km road shows the birdlife of the Little balaton reserve. Kányaváry island freely can be visited without guidance.


-Blue ribbon regatta
-Anna Ball
-Balaton sound festival
-B MY lake festival
-Lots of gastronomical and wine festivals during the year

Events 2013:

Harley Davidson festival, Alsőörs 5-9th of Jun 2013.

Balaton sound Zamárdi 11-14th of July 2013.

Valley of Arts Kapolcs 26th of July to 4th of August

”Gull” international dance festival Balatonfüred, 13-15th of June, 2013 Lake Balaton Hungary