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Feb 072013

The aim of About Budapest.net to inform of the tourism possibilities of Budapest in a well structured form, with the illustration of lots of pictures.

The website is not it’s final form, even the articles, updating continuously.

Contents included such as:

  1. Spas in Budapest
  2. Most beautiful places in Budapest and Hungary
  3. Usual tourist targets in Budapest
  4. Near Budapest tourist targets
  5. Lakes around Budapest
  6. Restaurants, tee houses, ruin pubs in Budapest
  7. Museums, historical sites in Budapest
  8. Buda hills, and green areas
  9. Sports possibilities in Budapest
  10. Shopping malls, other shopping possibilities in Budapest
  11. Arboretums and botanical gardens in Budapest
  12. Growing number of all possible tourist targets of Budapest
  13. Information of tourism in Hungary
  14. Natural values in Budapest
  15. Hotels, and apartmens in Budapest
  16. Useful information about Budapest

Welcome everybody wish you great time at the website and in Budapest.

Staff of About Budapest.net

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