Most beautiful places in Budapest


Most beautiful places in Budapest

Most beautiful places in Budapest

1. The most obvious place is the vicinity of Deak square and the Danube bank between the Szabadsag(Franz Josef) and Margaret bridge, here lots of colourful things can be found together with restaurants, old buildings,

2. The Castle district is a must not miss World heritage site of Budapest

3. Gellert hill
4. Margaret island is a highly recommended place with its huge trees, huge green areas, brand new fountain(2013) water tower, several ruins, an open beach, a zoo, and lots of other attractions. The island is 2.8 km long and approximately 500m wide at its widest point. Until 1900 only can be accessed by boat.

5. The Citypark started from Heroes square Vajdahunyad castle and citypark lake

6. Buda hills
7. Obuda Aquincum Obuda is the oldest part of Budapest with its Roman era ruins, including Hadrianus palace discovered in 1850 in the Sziget area when they built the Boat factory. The castle has approximately 8-10 000 m2 area with floor heating, thermal bath, mosaic floors, lines of columns. Previously they thought it was a bath, but later realised it was a huge luxury castle. The ruins were reburied.

This is one of Hungary’s longest cave system. The exhibition area is approximately 400m.

9.The vicinity of Haros island in South. Beware lots of mosquitos there.