100 Things to do in Budapest

100 Things to do in Budapest

Last update: 24/04/2015

Some tips to do in Budapest, you can have fun for several years or decades :)

Buda and Pest

Budapest formed from two separate settlements: the hilly West side Buda and plain East side Pest separated by the North-South Danube river. The two city joined in 1873. Before there was even three cities, the North part of Buda (ancient Buda with the Roman era ruins) was a third part of the city.

Most touristic parts of the city

Just a little help to know the city, most tourists are visits the following of the five areas:
1. The city center in the vicinity of Deak square (Opera house, St Stephen’s cathedral, Operetta house, Theatres, Deak square)
2. Next to the Danube, the Danube promenade with the boots (Parliament)
3. Buda side Gellert hill and Castle hill (Citadel, Mathias church, Fishermen’s bastion)
Many of the outer suburb areas are also very nice but takes time to get there, and you must know your target in order to find the interesting areas.
4. Varosliget city park and vicinity (Szechenyi spa, Heroes square, Museum of fine arts, Art hall, Agricultural museum, Traffic museum, South-East Gold museum and cafe house, Zoo, Circus, Ice skating ring, Citypark lake)
5. Margaret island (huge green areas, open bath/beach, small zoo, swimming pool, running track)

Usual short program

If you have small time the must see places: Danube panorama from Gellert hill (more romantic at night), Castle district, Heroes square, St Stephen cathedral, Parliament, Opera house, Margaret island, Szechenyi Spa to be short. But there are many other things below depending how much time you have and what is your main interest.

1. Visit Széchenyi spa – 100 Things to do in Budapest

100 Things to do in Budapest Széchenyi spa BudapestThe Szechenyi baths is a very relaxing place with every kind of comfort. To visit this spa can be a lifetime experience. I prefer to visit with friends, and we can have a good talk about lots of things in life. The spa can be found at Varosliget city park behind the lake, first must cross the bridge next to the Ice skating ring building at the right side of the bridge, after left side of the road a little bit behind (100m), can be found the Spa yellow building. The spa was built in classicist and neo-renaissance style. The construction started in 1909 and was finished in 1913. Arguably the best spa in Budapest, and the biggest in Europe. There are three outside pools: a thermal pool, a swimming pool, and an adventure pool. Inside there are many smaller pools with different water temperature, and several saunas, infra cabins and steam rooms. The entrance fee is not cheap in Budapest terms (app. 20 EUR) but well worth it according to my opinion.


2. Go up to Gellért hill

Gellert hill at night

at night, or day or both. The Gellert hill is a small hill at the heart of Budapest which gets it’s name after Bishop Gellert. Because this small hill is very close to the Danube unlike other higher hills, from here can have the best the view on the city. The height of the hill is 235m above sea level.

To visit a Gellert hill is a must see program if you visit Budapest. More romantic to visit at nighttime though, but easier to make photos in daytime. The hill can be found at Buda side just above the Liberty or Franz Joseph bridge.

A narrow street behind the famous five star Gellert spa hotel leads to the hill. A playground also can be found here near the bottom. The usual place to visit is the Citadel with the Liberty Statue.

3. Városliget City park – 100 Things to do in Budapest
Heroes square, Budapest

Heroes square, Budapest

is a must see place in Budapest with the Heroes square with the statues, the Zoo, National circus, Ice skating ring with the lake, Traffic museum, Agricultural museum, the romantic multi-styled Vajdahunyad castle, Museum of Fine Arts Art hall.

There are plans for making a bigger museum district here with Photograpy museum, National gallery and many other museums. Andrassy road that is facing the Heroes square are also interesting with several museums.

4. Go up to Castle area with the funicular – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The funical starts at Buda side near the Chain bridge. In the Castle district there are many things to see and enjoy. The Mathias church, the Fisherman’s bastion, historical museum, lots of organised programs, nice atmosphere with beautiful view on the Danube. Beautiful restaurants and cafe houses also can be found here. For shopping it is not the cheapest part of the city, because it is a prestigious place.

100 Things to do in Budapest Castle Budapest

Castle Budapest

5. Walk at the Danube bank.

Pest side between Lágymányosi and Margaret bridge. The most visited part is between the Elisabeth and Margaret bridge, here can be find the shoes between the Chain and Margaret bridge, as a memento to people executed here. They were ordered to take off their shoes before shooting them in the Danube.

6. Walk through Andrássy road from Deak square to Heroes square.

Andrassy road is an Unesco World Heritage site. The beautiful alley starts from Deak Square and goes until the Varosliget city park. Several museums can be found here: Terror House, Asian Gold Museum, Hopp Ferenc’s Asian museum, etc. The Millenium Underground’s ancient looking cars goes below the Andrassy road, between Vorosmarty and Heroes square.

Andrassy road Budapest

Andrassy road Budapest

7. Visit a Turkish Spa. Veli bej, Rudas, or Kiraly. – 100 Things to do in Budapest

Perhaps if you visit Szechenyi Spa don’t have time to visit another spa, there are many other interesting things around. The Ottomans invaded Hungary and stayed there for 150 years. They left Budapest in 1686. The earliest Spa was constructed in the 16th century. At that time only men attended this baths. This spa’s has a very unique “historical” atmosphere. Unique adventure without going to Turkey. The usual Turkish style spa has a central octogonal pool with several other smaller pools. The usual treatment is to go in the main octogonal pool which is warmer after to smaller pools one of them is warmer others are cold changing all the time. If you have health problems consult with your doctor is it good for you or not. The idea is to train the veins with different temperature water. The biggest is the Rudas spa, the Veli bej is more exclusive kind, recently renovated. See detailed information at below link.Spas in Budapest



8. Go to Margaret island – 100 Things to do in Budapest

(Margitsziget in Hungarian.) The Margaret island is a very enjoyable green area. The island is approximately 2,5km long and 500mm wide and can be accessed from the Margaret bridge. Lots of things can be found there to enjoy: There is a small zoo there, japan garden, spacious green field for playing sports, flowers, nice huge trees, a fountain with music, a swimming pool, external beach in summer, a huge sports fields, rubber covered running line around the island (5350m), the Palatinus open bath/beach with many pools, another Swimming pool, a Thermal hotel, restaurants, romantic ruins and buildings, open air stage and many other things. You can rent special vehicles there to enjoy.

Margaret island

Margaret island

9. Visit the Terror house museum at Andrassy street.

Perhaps not a good program for everybody especially not for small kids. The museum shows different regimes in Hungary, how a prison cell looked like, how people were treated. One part of the exhibition shows one regime. There are exhibition about interception devices as well, how they followed people activity.

100 Things to do in Budapest

House of Terror external wall, Budapest

10. Check the Park at South side (Kopaszi dam)

of Buda with exceptional nice surrounding. There is a gulf there and a nive alley with beautiful trees and small restaurants. It become a very popular place nowadays. The peninsula is app 2km long, the total area is 10 hectare. A usual place for dragon boat competitions. The area can be find at South Buda side (West Budapest) behind the Rakoczi bridge.

Kopaszi dam

Kopaszi dam

11. Good walk in the Buda hills. – 100 Things to do in Budapest

Check the city from the different viewpoints. Two possibilities to go to mountains using public transportation:  From Széll Kálmán square (earlier called Moscow square) take the bus no 21 from the high point at the side of the square and travel to the bus’s end station (Csillebérc). 2. From Batthyányi square or Margit bouleward take the bus No 11 until end station. (Nagybányai u). The mountains are mostly but not densely forested with signed tourist routes.
Buda hills

12. A good ride with the Chairlift/Flicker

(Libegő in hungarian). The flicker starting (low) point is Zugligeti street in Buda II. district near to end station of Bus no 291. Open usually from 9 – 16h, from May to September from 9 – 17. The route is 1040m, with a level difference of 262 m. It is also a longer program takes several hours perhaps good to connect with a walking in the Buda hills area or the Children’s railway. An interesting experience but some time is needed for this, perhaps not fit a one day program, but if you stay more time perhaps worth to take the time.

Flicker Budapest

Flicker Budapest

13. If you like classical music visit a concert at the new Budapest Palace of Arts

The Palace of Arts is a modern International Award winning building which was built in 2006. The building is quite unique in many ways. It has a very high end modern spinning stage, and the elevation of the building is changing colours frequently. The new National theatre also can be found nearby which is also a very nice building, with a beautiful surrounding, like a viewpoint, a pool with some artistic elements, and nice garden as well.

14. Pálvölgyi Cave visit at Buda side.

The Palvolgyi cave is the longest cave system in Hungary. This perhaps can change because before the Aggtelek cave system was considered as longest, and perhaps they find other cave parts. In any case both cave is very big and has complicated routes in them. This is a very nice stalactite cave, these structures needed huge amount of time to formed (thousands of years). The usual visitor route at Palvolgyi is approximately 400m. To visit the cave is an interesting experience, the visitor route is paved and lit up. There are other longer tours are also available, for more adventurous hikers. The cave can be found near Szepvolgyi street at Buda side, little North. Warm clothing is perhaps needed with appropriate shoes even in summer because inside the cave the temperature is lower in summer (usually 10-15 degree Celsius whole year).

Pálvölgyi cave entrance

Pálvölgyi cave entrance

15. Szemlohegyi cave visit

at Buda side not very far from the Palvolgyi cave. This is also a very interesting cave, one of Budapest’s exceptional natural values. The visitor routes is paved and lit up and a route length is 250m. The temperature is around 12 degrees in whole year so warm clothing and appropriate shoes is useful even is warm summer. The cave has unique pisolite and gypsum cristals rare in Europe. The cave’s clear air can help for respiratory diseases. The discovered length of the cave is currently 2200m. The usual tour is app 40 minutes.

16. Winter time skating in Városliget.

The ice skating ring is a very nice place in winter and summer alike (In summer it is a boating lake). Possible to rent skates there in winter. The ring can be accessed right from Heroes square. The skating area is quite huge, one of the biggest in Europe and usually they play background music in skating seasons. Behing the lake the interesting Vajdahunyad Castle can be found. At other side of the bridge the Varosliget small lake can be found, and little further the Szechenyi spa.

Skating in Városliget

Skating in Városliget

17. Summertime check the riverbank at Buda side called Római (Roman) bank

at North with music and restaurants. This area not far from the Old Buda area with Aquincum ruins at North part of the city. Some time is needed though, because it is not in the city center, and some traveling needed back and forth as well (30-40 minutes in one direction). Huge trees and nice atmosphere can be found here with peace, the Danube river, and some boat renting possibilities. The length of the area is 10km. Can be accessed by HEV (suburb railway from Batthanyi square Aquincum, Csillaghegy, Romaifurdo), or bus No 34, or 106 ( 2 minutes from Nanasi street). Any case some walking needed at East direction. Other possibility with the BKV (Budapest public transportation company) boat, which is little slower but perhaps more enjoyable. Also can be accessed by bycicle.

18. Boat ride or rent a canoe on Danube.

One of the most poular program in Budapest is the night boat trips in Budapest. There is boat for the Margaret island theater program, and also to the beautiful Danube bend which is longer program. At the two ends of the city (North, and South) water sports like canoe or kayak is very popular. Some places rent canoe is also possible. The BKV (Budapest public transportation company) also has regular boat rides along the Danube.

Boat ride on Danube

Boat ride on Danube

19. Visit the Tropicarium

in the Campona shopping mall. It is not a “mainline” program, if you don’t have too much time you can skip it, because the Campona shopping mall is a little outside of the city, approximately 45-55 minutes by bus from the Petofi bridge Moricz Zsigmond square area. There are exotic fishes lizards tropical species can be found there together with the Palace of Miracles which is an interesting place for kids.

Tropicarium Budapest Campona shopping mall

Tropicarium Budapest Campona shopping mall

Tropicarium’s website:Tropicarium’s website

20. Visit Aquincum roman era ruins

and the Aquincum museum. This program is more for people interested in history. The ruins can be seen from the road as well in the Northern part of Buda. Perhaps not the most fascinating program for everybody, but is interesting nonetheless to see this 2000 year old ruins.

21. Check one of the ruin pubs if you like

ruin pubs in budapest 2
The typical ruin bar is situated in the 7th district in the inner city, and is an empty block house with minimal design. Not all of the ruin bars are like that, some of them are just normal restaurants with a garden. Szimpla kert is the most popular in the Kazinczy street near the Deak Squarehere

22. If want to do something unusual see the Cementery at Fiumei street.

This is an interesting place to be, not belongs to mainline programs. Not for kids. It is one of the oldest Cemetery in Budapest, can be found near the Keleti Railway station. It’s area is 56 hectare. It was founded in 1847. Many famous Hungarians was buried here.

Fiumei street Cementery, Budapest

Fiumei street Cementery, Budapest

23. Climb up in St Stehen’s cathedral.

The St Stephen cathedral is a huge 96m high temple built in the 19th century. There is a huge square in front of the Cathedral. Local people calls the Cathedral Basilica. Here can be found the hand of I. Stephen often referred St Stephen. He was the first Hungarian King who died in 1038. His hand has an Indiana Jones like story, his hand travelled inside Hungary and even outside of the country, but now it is in the Cathedral. I don’t tell the whole story, because would nothing left for the guide there.

24. In summer check one of the open beaches.

Budapest has several very nice open baths. These baths has usually several pools, huge green areas and catering services. The most popular is the Palatinus on Margaret island. The Romai at North is also very good but no warm water pools there.
See other open beaches in Budapest here:
Open beaches in Budapest


25. Visit the Soroksari Danube branch

This is also not a short program. The Danube branch is started at the huge Csepel island at the South part of Budapest, where the Danube separated in two. In reality is more like a lake than a river because at both side there is a dam. It is a very popular excursion, bicycle, water sports, nature visit place in Budapest. The best place in Budapest is perhaps next to Csepel bath at Hollandi street at Csepel island. The brach is 53km long and goes from Budapest to Rackeve. It has exceptional natural values, especially outside of Budapest.

26. Visit Feneketlen lake near to Moricz Zsigmond square at South Buda.

The Lake Feneketlen (bottonless) is a very small lake at South Buda with a Park which is a popular place for students and other people alike (the Budapest Technical University and the University of Horticulture can be found nearby). There are benches all around the Lake. The lake is an artificial pit, that they dug in 1877 by brick makers. There is a nice restaurant next to the Lake as well, and several nice building nearby.

27. If you like Arts, visit Museum of Fine Arts at Heroes square.

The Museum of Fine Arts can be found at the side of the Heroes square together with the Art hall at the other side of the square. Both of them are very iconic building in the city. In the Museum of Fine Arts the temporary exhibitions are the more interesting ones. The museum has many interesting paintings and scultures but these are not always exhibited, perhaps for safety reasons. Often other arts coming from other museums as well. The museum has huge areas, several levels, grouped by actors of different countries.

28. If you like Opera, visit the famous Budapest Opera house.

The Opera house in Budapest is a luxury building near Andrassy road, which is an Unesco World Heritage site. The address is Andrassy u 22. The building was built in the 19th century according to the plans of Miklos Ybl. It is one of the most important historical building in Budapest. In the theatre they specialized for Operas and Ballets. The area of the building is app 5400 m2. Several famous painter also worked on the internal finishing, like Bertalan Szekely, Karoly Lotz, Mor Than and others. The first Golden era of the Budapest Opera was under the directorship of Gustav Mahler.

29. Visit the Gellert spa – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Gellert spa is the most luxury spa in Budapest, situated in the five star Gellert hotel at the very bottom of the Gellert hill. The Gellert hotel is the regular host of Spa conferencies. I prefer the Szechenyi Spa over Gellert but if you are after luxury and special treatment including medical services the Gellert is a good place as well.

30. Visit a ruin pub – 100 Things to do in Budapest

There are many ruin pubs in Budapest, most of them in the 7th district. Actually they are quite different, the most interesting ones are like complete socialist block house with several levels, lots of place and no finish.
Location of ruin pubs can be found here:
Ruin pubs in Budapest

31. If you like sweets check one of Budapest’s awesome confectioneries.

There are many really good confectioneries in Budapest. Most of them are in the Inner city like the Gerbeaud near Deak square or Jegbufe(Ice buffet) in Ferenciek square. Other are in the outer areas can be found. You can choose from wide range of sweets. I would recommend Somloi (Somlói) galuska, Dobostorta, Feketeerdo(Feketeerdő) torta, Kepviselo fank (Képviselő fánk), Indianer(Indiáner).
Confectionaries in Budapest

32. Visit the Asian Gold museum of Istan Zelnik – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The museum has a very nice garden and exotic tea house, not far from Heroes square, on Andrassy road. The museum is packed with different kinds of small gold and other material objects from far-East. Many objects can be even bought here at the shop. The Museum is relatively smaller, than other ones, with several levelsa but quite interesting.

South-East Goldmuseum of Istvan Zelnik

33. Visit the Market Hall at Fovam square – 100 Things to do in Budapest

You can buy any kinds of food products here including wide range of Asian products usually at very good price. The huge hall can be found at Liberty bridge at Pest side facing Gellert hill. There are two levels here, the upper level is usually packed with souvenirs, and special hungarian products. The groundfloor level is mostly packed with all kinds of good quality food products

34. Visit Europe’s biggest Synagogue in Dohany street – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Budapest Synagogue can be found in Dohany street in the 7th district. The building was consecrated in 1859. Ludwig Förster won the competiton for design. In the building you can find the Jewish museum as well.

35. Walk through Váczi shopping street – 100 Things to do in Budapest

between Voromarty square and Vamhaz boulevard. The Vaczi street is the most famous walking street in Budapest. This is not the cheapest place you can imagine, but worth to stroll there just to have fun.

36. Visit Nepliget Park next to Hungaria boulevard.

The Nepliget city park can be found at the South part of the city near the Metro Blue line Nepliget station, and next to Hungaria boulevard. The size of the Park is similar to Varosliget city park, but this park is little more abandoned. I like to visit this park about the birds can be found here. There is several sports field also can be found here.

37. Visit Alexandra book store at Andrassy road – 100 Things to do in Budapest

It is quite a nice place to have a cofee. This is a new constructed store at least from inside, a popular place for many locals and tourists alike.

38. Check hospital in the rock in the Castle – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Hospital in the rock is an interesting place in the Buda Castle area. It is part of the cave system under the Castle area. Mostly it was used in the II. World War when all the 94 bed was occupied. The Hospital is in the cave system. It has three bigger room and a very high quality surgery room as well. In 1944-45 the hospital was full, and there were people in the connected cave areas as well.

39. Visit the Museum of Natural Science

Here can find the Dinos normally which are very popular among kids. The museum can be found in the VIII th district.

40. Visit the Ethnographical Museum – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Etnographical museum is a quite interesting museum in Budapest. Currently can be found in the City center. This museum is about how people lived in different circumstances, about their habits and many other aspect of life.
1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos tér 12

41. Visit Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park.

Vajdahunyad Castle is a multi-styled Castle with a Temple often used for weddings. The Agricultural museum is also very close to this, as the Skating ring and the Citypark lake.

42. Visit Budapest Zoo and Botanical garden in the City Park.

The Budapest Zoo can be found in the Varosliget city park next to the famous Gundel restaurant. Several interesting animals can be found here together with different plants. There are Penguins there, Elephants, Kangaroos and many other animals. There are a butterfly garden as well. The two newest part is the Australian garden and the Pampa area.

43. Celeritas shooting club.

This club is somehow very popular among tourists, local doesn’t even know it is exist. Here is possible to shoot with real pistols, revolvers and riffles. The Club can be found a little bit outside in a formal factory area, which is an interesting area in Budapest.
Celeritas shooting club website

44. If you travel with your family

check the Circus in Varosliget City Park. It can be found near to the zoo.

45. Visit Victor Vasarely museum.

The Victory Vasarely Museum is part of the Aquincum museum. The bigger Victor Vasarely museum can be found in Pecs at South part of Hungary.

46. Visit Mai Mano house of photography.

Mai Mano was a Royal photographer in the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. He ordered the 4 storey building in the inner city for his work. After the Arizona bar was built in the yard of the building, but the original building and equipments was kept in a good condition. Today it is a photography museum, where it is possible to see in detail how photography worked at that times.

47. Check Planetarium in Nepliget

The Planetarium is a laser theater in the Nepliget area near the Nepliget metro station on M2 metro (Blue line). Usually they show the sky or lines with laser with musics like Dire straits, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield.

48. Walk through the famous Chain bridge

The Chain bridge was the first bridge on the Danube, was built between 1839-1849. The bridge was designed by William Thierney Clark. Usually there is traffic across the bridge, but at several occasions they don’t let cars in, and let pedestrians use the whole section.

49. If you arrive with car, drive through the famous Buda Tunnel

at the end of the Chain bridge. A usual program for newly-weds to ride through the tunnel at night while using the horn extensively.

50. Check a Hungarian, Irish or Greek dance house. – 100 Things to do in Budapest

In Hungary these group dance places are quite popular. Usually most people who goes there doesn’t know the dance at all, but there they teach every bit of the different dances. There are other places as well for couple dances as well.

51. Visit a Memento Park a little outside of the city.

Perhaps not as fascinating program as you can think, but for some can be interesting to see the statues in the Park little outside of Budapest.

52. Visit Matyas pince

Matyas pince is a nice, high quality Traditional Hungarian style restaurant near river Danube. If you are on a budget, there are many cheaper option out there, for example Trofea restaurants where you can eat as much as you can for a fixed price.

53. Walk between huge trees in Pest side Danube bank.

At the Northern part of Budapest there are very nice places with huge trees, next to the Danube. I like to walk under the huge trees at the Danube bank.

54. Paintball

There are several places where you can enjoy paintball in Budapest. Paintball is more and more popular in Budapest.

55. Laser-tag

Laser-tag was one of the first group game here.

56. Party in the Park

is an outside Disco place in South Pest, popular among students. Located at Soroksari street facing the OBI store, just after the Rakoczi bridge. There were such places before at the the two side of Petofi bridge.

57. Visit Hajogyari island.

The Hajogyari island is a usual place of the Sziget festival, other parts of the year the island is quite abandoned. There is a huge slide for children, and many green area to walk around.

58. Archery.

Archery is also quite popular in Hungary. There is a place near Nyugati railway station where they also sell equipment as well, but there is a field for shooting as well.

59. Horse riding.

Horse riding is also very popular in Hungary. There are several possibilities in Budapest as well.

60. Hungarian railway museum.

More then 100 railway vehicle on 70,000 m2.
“Where the small railways meet. Aug 23-24″ Exhibition on small garden railways, steam machines etc a temporary exhibition. The museum is closed on Mondays, as most museums in Hungary.
Budapest, Tatai utca 95, 1142
(1) 450 1497

61. Gorzenal roller blading.
62. Check Ecseri market

if you really like to buy interesting things. You can buy almost anything here, but it is a little outside of the inner city.
1194 Budapest, Nagykőrösi út 156.

63. Check Chinese market if you wants to buy cheap.

The Chinese market can be found at Kobanyai street, but will be closed according to latest news, but already there are other areas around where, they can continue.

64. Bath or water sports in Omszk lake in summer.

The Omszk Lake can be found in North Buda, a popular place for bicycle rides for example. There is a possibility for several water sports there.

65. Visit Kiscelli castle and museum.

The Kiscelli museum can be found at North Budapest. The Kiscelli museum is part of the Budapest History Museum. It is about the history of the 18-21th century. The Former Baroque Monastery gives home to the museum.

66. Visit Nagyteteny castle museum.

The Nagyteteny castle museum can be found little outside in the city at South Buda called Nagyteteny. This area is also famous about the Torley champagne factory.

67. Visit the Gresham Palace

next to Chain bridge.
The Gresham Palace is an interesting place, facing the Chain bridge behind a Park. The most prestigious building in Budapest, currently functioning as a Four Season hotel. The Building itself is also beautiful. Earlier times it was abandoned and Hungarian actresses move in here.

68. Check the Vigado building.

Formerly this building was a scene for balls and other dancing events. I was also popular for concerts. Ferenc Liszt, Johann Strauss had concerts held here. It was mostly destroyed in the time of Hungarian revolution 1849.
The Vigado building can be found near the Danube at Pest side.

69. Trap team race against puzzles

It is a very popular game among tourists in Budapest in the inner city.
1061 Budapest Paulay Ede Utca 20

70. Check the Szabo Ervin library in the former Wenckheim Palace.

The Szabo Ervin is the biggets library in Budapest near Calvin square on Blue line Metro.

71. See New York Palace at great Boulevard.
72. Go to Operetta theatre.

Operetta house is more and more popular. Some musicals are also played here with English subtitles.

73. Check the famous, award winning A38 party boat at South Buda.

No mainline music here. I know this is not very exact what is mainline. What most people like is not played here. I am more of the mainline person like rock music and such, this place is more of music I cannot describe easily like blues, more jazz or world music. Wide variety of musicians from many countries.

74. Spoon cafe at the Danube for the Gourmets.

As many waiter as you want you can get here. The view is spectacular, the food for me little too extravagant.

75. Tomb of Gul baba (Gül baba in Hungarian) at Buda with rose garden.

The Tomb of Gul baba can be found in a little hidden place in Buda nearest the Margaret bridge. It is a tomb built in 16th century. Gul baba was a fighting monk, who died at the time when Turks invaded Budapest. The place is a target of pilgrimage since than for people with Islamic religion.
Budapest, Mecset utca 14, 1023 (entrance Turbe square 1.)
(1) 487 8800
Open: 10-18h

76. Invisible exhibition – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The invisible exhibition shows how the blind people live. It is in the Millenaris Park near Mammut shopping center.

77. Travel with the Children railway in Buda

visit Huvosvolgy at end station.

82. Hungaroring driving centre

(Car, Motorbyke school, Go-kart, Track-rent, etc)

83. Ride with the Millenium underground from Deak square.

The Millenium underground was the first underground in continental Europe, was built in 1896. Today also can check the oldish-looking retro wagons between Vorosmarty square in the inner city near Deak square and the Varosliget City Park.

84. Check Budapest botanical gardens.

Perhaps the ELTE’s is the most popular in VIIIth district, near the Natural science museum. The relatively small (4 Ha ) area is quite enjoyable, with many different kind of plants.

85. If you like Golf check one of Budapest’s Golf Clubs.

There are several ones, the biggest one in Budapest is Academy Golf at Obuda, there is at the Obuda island, and several others, the is one bigger is at Etyek, near the International film studio, and one at the Szentendrei island in Kisoroszi.

86. Bicycle ride along the Danube or the Soroksari Danube Branch.

One of the program perhaps I enjoy the most to ride on the bicycle along the Danube river. You can go either in North or South direction. At North asphalt covered bicycle road is available even in the Danube bend area which is beautiful. At South one part of the road is dirt road but you can go next to Soroksari danube branch even passing Budapest.

87. Canoeing or Kayaking on the Danube or the Soroksari Danube Branch.


88. Aquawold waterpark.

The Aquaworld waterpark can be found at Pest side North near the M0 highway. There are several pools slides can be found here under the huge dome. Children will be happy here I think.

89. Thai massage available several places included the Szechenyi baths

There are several places for Thai massage in Hungary. This massage is quite a nice and unique experience.

90. Wine tasting

Hungary is famous about winemaking. There are several places in the city where you can taste Hungarian wine.

91. Check Buda hills viewpoints

The Buda hills a famous place for hiking. Most area covered with forests, there are 7 viewpoints there at different locations. If you come for short time (1-3 days) perhaps not the top priority program.

92. Visit Csepel island gravel lakes.

In Csepel island there are some nice gravel lakes but this is also a time consuming program, not for 1-2 day visit.

93. Visit Csilleberc Entertainment centre

The area in the Buda hills is quite nice. You can have nice hiking there, but the hills are not huge or steep. Not a one day or two priority program though.

94. Check the Paraglaiders at Harmashatarhegy

Harmashatarhegy (Three border hill) is a popular place for paraglaiders in Budapest, which is a very popular sport here. The hill can be found in North or Buda side.

95. Check the airplanes at Liszt Ferenc airport – 100 Things to do in Budapest

Perhaps not a usual tourist program, but if you live here and like airplanes can be a lot of fun together to see the airplanes from neighboring areas.

96. Visit the little abandoned Nepsziget or Szunyog sziget.

Not a mainline tourist target. Even for people in Budapest this place can be a real surprise so different than other parts of the city. Not so clean or organized, some sheep and other animals can be found here, together with several canoe clubs and homeless shelter. The longish peninsula is an interesting natural area. It can be found in the Northern part of Pest, and can be accessed by the bridge behind the Duna plaza. The peninsula several km long. Not for girls alone.

97. Visit Budapest Technical University – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Technical university has several buildings near Gellert bridge, between the Petofi and Liberty bridges. The biggest building is the central or K building is the most interesting.

98. Visit Naplas lake at North Pest – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Naplas lake can be found at North Pest, not so easy to go there even for people who know Budapest. Perhaps it is not a priority program, but if you have many time here, and like fishing it is an interesting area.

99. Visit Rock Chapel at Gellert hill – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The Rock chapel can be found in the side of the Gellert hill in Buda side, the road goes behind the Gellert hotel.

100. Visit Batthyany Eternal Flame – 100 Things to do in Budapest

The statue was elected as a memento to Lajos Batthyanyi the first Hungarian Prime Minister who was executed here in 6th of October 1849. The Flame can be found in the inner city in the V.th district at the crossing of Bathory and Hold streets.