Elte Fuveszkert botanical garden


Elte Fuveszkert botanical garden

Elte Fuveszkert botanical garden

The Elte Fuveszkert botanical garden is located in the 8th district relatively close to the city center. The Elte is one of the famous universities of Budapest with many faculties. It is interesting that this place is mentioned in a popular novel as well, as the place serves for playing the kids at that time.
This is the entrance of the botanical garden

Elte Fuveszkert botanical garden entrance

Location: 1083 Budapest Illés St 25

Telephone: +36 (1) 314 0535

Opening hours:9 – 17h


Area: 3,1 Hectare

Area of the Green houses: 2000 m2

Entrance fee: 850 HUF/adult, 400 HUF/ student/pensioner, family ticket 2000 HUF, photo ticket 300 HUF (August 2013)


Although the entrance of the ELTE Fuveszkert botanical garden doesn’t look very impressive, this is a quite nice place to visit. One or the family easily can spend a two-three hours here. The entrance fee is moderate in Budapest terms. ELTE who is in charge of the facility is one of the top Universities in Budapest. This is why some student looking gardeners appear in the garden in weekdays. What we can see here ?

– A very rare and interesting ancient tree from Australia see below
– Lots of flowers everywhere (perhaps not in winter)
– Asian garden with bamboos and lakes
– Orchids
– Palm trees
– Cactuses
– Water lilies
– A tipical Hungarian riverside vegetation
– huge Gingko biloba trees
– Tropical greenhouse
– Bird house with several non Hungarian birds
– Tame birds around the garden

A three hectare are in Hungary for a botanical garden doesn’t seem big, but it is surprising how many thing can be presented here.

I have never see or imagine such a huge Ginko Biloba tree

The “Top secret” Wollemi pine Wollemia nobilis – one of the most ancient tree in the World. The oldest fossil of the Wollemi tree has been dated to 200 million years ago. This particular tree specie has been invented in 1994 in New South Wales in a temperate rainforest wilderness area.

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