Budapest hills Hungary


Budapest hills Hungary

Budapest hills, Hungary


Budapest hills, Hungary Introduction

The Budapest hills is an interesting place in the otherwise quite noisy and crowded city. The area of the Budapest hills are quite big and expanded towards the neighboring settlements. The area bordered by the Danube, Budapest, Torokbalint, Diosd, Erd, Zsambek lowland area, Pilis hills area. Some part is located inside the city border at the I, II, III, XII districts at Buda side. Most of the hills are covered with forests, sometimes varied with some meadows. The highest point in the Buda hills is Nagy-kopasz with it’s 559 meter height above see level. The total area of the Budapest hills is 201 km2. Mostly the Budapest hills consists of limestone and dolomite material.

Budapest hills

How to get there ? Budapest hills Hungary

Two easiest way to go to Buda hills are: from Széll Kálmán square(earlier Moszkva) to Normafa with bus No 21A,the bus (as the small bus for the Buda Castle direction) is starts a little bit above the square can be accessed from the stairs Southwest direction from the square (Várfok street). The end station is Normafa where the green hill area starts.

Other possibility is the bus No 11 from Batthányi square the end station Nagybányai street where the green hill area starts. (Not the same place that described above.) The pictures below has been taken at this area.

A Tourist map and a compass is perhaps needed in case to spend several hours in the forests.

Popular targets in the Buda hills

Perhaps the most popular tourist target here is Normafa (Norm wood). This area gets his name after a tree. The area located at the end of the Istenhegyi road. Huge spaces are can be find here with a possibility to make campfires, and parts of the city is also can be seen from here.

The area behind the endstation bus No 11

Apati cliff and other nice places can be found there, most picture here are made in this area

Harmashatar hegy

Harmashatar hill in North is a popular place for paraglaiders.

Viewpoints can be found in the Buda hills:

Csergezán viewpoint at Nagy-kopasz
Kaán Károly viewpoint at Nagy Hárs hill
Széchenyi viewpoint at Széchenyi hill
Elisabeth viewpoint at János hill
Railway viewpoint at Kis Hárs hill
Árpád viewpoint at Látó hill

Wildlife park at Budakeszi:

Apart from the hills and green forests there is a wildlife park at Budakeszi, can be accessed from Széll Kálmán square with a bus No 22 or the red 22 at Szanatórium street station must take off walk until the end of the street, after 20 minutes walk in the forest following the signs can be accessed the park. The park is open usually between 9-17h. Some animals can be hold this part of the park is usually open from 10-12 and 14-16h.The park has usual Hungarian wild animals, not African or other exotic animals.

Student railway

There is a smaller size railway line also can be found in the Széchenyi hill area where all operation made by students. The railway runs between Széchenyi hill and Hűvösvölgy. Huvosvolgy can be reached by public transportation as follows: Take Tram No 61 at Szell Kalman ter (Moszkva ter) to the Huvosvolgy terminus. Take the case of stairs and the station is located at a short walking distance.

Chairlift in Buda hills

Another interesting option is the chairlift (Flicker in Hungarian) that runs between Zugligeti street and János hill. The length of the route is 1020m the level difference is 262m. The starting point is Zugligeti street. Usually works between 9-17h in Spring-Summer, 9:30-16h other times.

Caves in Buda hills

Two, publicly open caves also can be found at the Buda hills area, not far from each other. The more known is the Pálvölgyi cave which is part of the currently longest cave system in Hungary. The visitable are is 400m long with lots of level difference, the whole route takes about 1,5 hour time. The route has been constructed with pavement and handrails. Szemlőhegyi cave is the other visitable cave here with a 300m constructed visitable area. Pálvölgyi cave can be accessed from Kolosy square with Bus No 65 until the station Pálvölgyi stalactite cave (cseppkőbarlang). Szemlőhegyi cave can be accessed from Árpád bridge bus station by bus no 29 take off at Szemlőhegyi cave station little walk downward to the entrance of the cave. Usually in the caves the temparature 12 C degrees whole year, means in summer some warm clothes preferred.

Hűvösvölgy (Cold walley)

Hűvösvölgy (Cold walley) is a great meadow area in Buda hills, which is popular target in Budapest.

Wildlife at Buda hills

Budapest hills 2
In normal circumstances in daytime is hard to see animals like Boars, or Deers in the forest, easier in Budakeszi wildlife park:). You can see some birds here and there, but if you want to see rarities, you must know the place and the seasons very well. Several birds of prey can be found here like Buzzard, Goshawk or Hobby. The area is quite huge means not so easy to see one.