Best confectionaries in Budapest


Best confectionaries in Budapest

Best confectionaries in Budapest

Hungarians like sweets very much. There is a lot of options to eat very fine cakes, chocolates, foamy sweets, ice creams, and all kinds of carbohydrate bombs. Hungarians have many unique sweets first made here. In Hungary the Confectioneries has a great tradition. Some of the finest sweets in Hungary are (in Hungarian): Kepviselo fank, Rigo Jancsi, Csoki torta (chocolate cake), Somloi galuska, Dobostorta. The inner city packed with all kinds of Confectionaries. The two middle digits of the postal code shows the districts. Inner city districts are the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th.


1025 Budapest Szépvölgyi street 50.
The very famous Daubner confectionery is not exactly in the city center, it is located at Szepvolgyi street in North Buda region. The confectionery was founded in 1901 in Oroshaza by Bela Daubner. The variety of sweets are huge from birthday cakes, to all kinds of other sweets. You can find brazil walnut cake here, Viennese orange liquer cake, E-80 cake, chocolate cake, Schwarzwald cake to name a few. It is a usual place to order a special Birthday cake.


1051 Budapest Vörösmarty square 7-8.
The Gerbaud can be found right in the spot very close the Deak square.


1042 Budapest Petofi S str 35.
1151 Budapest Kozvagohid str 24.


1051 Budapest Paulay E street 48.

Ice buffet

Location: 1053 Budapest, Ferenciek square 10.

The ice buffet is a smaller confectionery near Ferenciek ter in the city center. It is not a sitting place, after paying, there are some counters where it is supposed to eat. It has a good quality, it is not really expensive but not very cheap either.


confectionery 1131 Budapest Jász u.136.
The Kunyhó (hut) confectionery can be found in the resindential area near Beke street in North Pest area. The sweets are very nice here. It is not an expensive place, but little off from the city center.


confectionery 1052 Budapest, Váci str. 1


confectionery 1162 Budapest, Szlovák str. 86

Zila cafe

and confectionery1183 Budapest Üllői út 452
The Zila cafe is a huge confectionery with a huge garden in South Pest area. There is a restaurant in the same place as well within the same business. In good weather the garden is very nice. This confectionery where the usually make the “Country cake” of Hungary. Nowadays it is not a cheap place but in the city center the other places are not cheap either.


confectionery 1037 Budapest, Becsi str. 57-61


confectionery 1131 Budapest, Hollan E u 8.


confectionery 1165 Budapest, Bökényföldi street 5

Others places to conside are the 3

Nagyi pancakes:

Nagyi pancakes is an interesting place. You can get feed very cheaply with very nice pancakes. There are sweet and salty pancakes are available as well and several types of stuffed potatoes.

1. Near Deak square Petofi Sandor street 17-19 next to Vaczi utca near Szervita square
2. At Batthyanyi square 1011 Budapest Batthyanyi square 5. – here pancakes can be bought with all kinds of toppings: salty and sweet ones, like: chocolate, all kinds of puddings, coconut, cheese, Bolognese, apple, pear, walnut and many others.
3. There is also one in the West End city center