Ruin pubs in Budapest


Ruin pubs in Budapest

ruin pubs in budapest
The entrance of the Szimpla kert in the 7th district

Ruin pubs in Budapest

The story started with Szimpla kert which is very popular even today among Hungarians and foreigners alike.

Szimpla kert

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The first Ruin pub has opened since 2001 in Budapest. Now there is one such Ruin bar in Berlin as well. The Szimpla kert, the first and most popular Ruin Pub in Budapest is a huge ruined building in the city center. (See on the pictures). This area of Budapest are packed with bars, pubs, night clubs, and such things.

The Szimpla kert is located not far from Deak square in the Kazinczy street (about 5 minutes walk). The walls are pure brick without any mortar (falls of by the time) or painting, and there are many interesting objects from the past, such as a Trabant car, serving as a table for example, old time hair dryer, transport signs, and other such retro things. The place is huge, but divided into several sections. The bar is open basically during the whole night, morning excluded.

This is a very popular place, lots of people mingle here all the time. Free Wifi is included with several other games. There is a restaurant as well.

Location: VII. Kazinczy str 14. (near Deak square)
Opening hours:12-04 h
Telephone: +36 20 261 8669
Possibilities: live music, Wifi, TV, table soccer, terrace


Location: VI., Paulay Ede u. 33.
Opening hours: closed in winter perhaps from May 16-4h

Corvin roof

Location: VIII.,Blaha Lujza tér 1-2
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 19-05; Sunday-Monday: Closed

It is located on the Roof of a Department store. This is the ruin pub with the best view on the city.

Dürer garden

Location: XIV., Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21.
Opening hours:17 – 5h

Ellátó garden

Location: VII.,Kazinczy u. 48
Opening hours: Monday Saturday:17-02; Thursday-Friday:17-04; Saturday:18-04; Sunday:18-02

Filter club

Location: VII., Almássy u. 1.
Opening hours:Tuesday-Thursday: 19-04; Friday-Saturday:19-05

Fogas house

Location: VII., Akácfa u. 51

Gondozó garden

Location: VIII., Vajdahunyad u. 4.

Grandio bar

Location: VII., Nagy Diófa u. 8.
Telephone: +36-20 497-1558

There is a hostel above it as well.


Location: VI., Nagymező u. 38


Location: XIV., Olof Palme sétány 3. – In the city Park (Városliget)

Kis csendes

Location: V., Ferenczy István u. 5,

Kőleves kert

Location: VII. Kazinczy u. 37-39


Location: VI., Király u. 46.

Kuplung is clutch translated to English. This bar formerly was a Garage.


Location: IX., Ráday u. 8.


Location: IX., Soroksári út 58.

Sufni gar’t’n

Location: VII., Akácfa u. 47.

Super 8

Location: VIII. Kőfaragó str 8.
Opening hours:Thursday-Saturday: 12-04h, Monday-Wednesday: 12-02, Sunday:17-00


Location: IX. Tűzoltó str 22.
Opening hours:Thursday-Saturday: 14-04h, Monday-Wednesday: 14-02h,Sunday: closed