Margaret island Budapest


Margaret island Budapest

Margaret island

Margaret island

Margaret island Budapest

The Margaret island is a must see place here, especially in good weather. This is a lovely place. I live here more than 20 years but don’t get bored. It is a huge green area but perhaps somebody finds more interesting things as well.


The access is easy: the island can be accessed from the Margaret bridge. The bridge is connected to the South part of the island. To get to Margaret bridge the Tram No 4,6 is the obvious choice. The island can be accessed from the North side as well, from Arpad bridge, but this is not the common route, partly because it is much far from the city center and the bridge itself also much longer. Bus number 26 is going inside the island from South, and goes along the asphalt covered road as well.


Margaret island
The island has a longish shape, app. 2.5km long and 500mm wide at it’s widest area. The area of the island is 0.965 km2. A concrete covered road goes in whole length. Most area is covered with trees. The island can be divided in the following parts:
1. Narrow entry part from the South Margaret bridge.
2. From South the right side, is the recently renovated fountain and it’s vicinity
3. Right side behing the great meadow. This is a popular place to have a picnic or play sports like soccer, frizby, badminton or anything else.
4. From the entry part at left side from South, there is a huge sports area, the Alfred Hajos swimmingpool and lots of open-air sports field can be found here.
5. Little further at the left side of the asphalt road, the Palatinus the most popular open air bath of Budapest can be found. Open air baths only open at Spring summer time, usually from June to September, depending on the weather as well.
6. At the North part you can find the Japan garden with a small lake.
Margaret island Budapest


The biggest attraction is the island itself with it’s natural values. Huge spaces, giant trees, birds, squirrels, a beautiful fountain with music, several romantic ruins can be found here. There is a Mini zoo with several birds and animals, the zoo is more of the Northern direction.
Margaret island Budapest 2

Palatinus open bath

The Palatinus is the most popular open bath in Budapest. There are several pools there, 11 total, a wave pool, several huge pools, catering services also can be found there. In good weather huge number of people can be found here.

Alfred Hajos swimming pool

The Swimming pool gets his name after the Olympic champion and architect Alfred Hajos(1878-1955), who won several Olympic medals in 1896 Olympics. He won the 100mm and 1200mm freestyle swimming as well in the 13 Celsius degree sea water. He designed the swimming pool, which was opened in 1930.


You can rent any funny four wheel vehicles here with engine or mostly without engine, to ride around. You can rent bicycles as well, if you lucky, but if you prefer bycicly perhaps better to rent some other places to come here, because not much number can be found here, and quickly no spare left.

Food and drink

There are free well in some places, you can drink water for free. There are several restaurants and bufes available as well.


There are two hotels in the Margitsziget. The Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget and the Grand Hotel Margitsziget. The two Hotel is quite close to each other.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget

Address: 1007 Budapest Margitsziget
Telephone: +36 1 889-4700, +36 1 889-4752

Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget

Address: 1138 Budapest Margitsziget
Telephone: +36 1 889-4700, +36 1 889-4752


The island reveive it’s name in the 14th century from Margaret princess, the daughter of King Bela the IVth. She was in the island in a Dominican monastery. The ruins of the monastery is still can be seen there. After the island has several names like Rabbit’s island. In the beginning of the 19th century it was called Palatinus island. The Danube flooded the island several times. It is happened last year as well, when the Danube reached the highest level. Otherwise this is a very rare event.

Flora and Fauna

Margaret island Budapest 3
There are really huge trees around everywhere. Lots of flowers in the great meadow area. If you lucky you can see some squirrels. Lots of birds there as well. Singing birds, woodpeckers, even owls can be seen sometime.