Chocolate museum Budapest

Chocolate museum

chocolate museum budapest


Budapest 16th district, Bekecs u (street) 22.


Contact is needed before you’d like to visit, because there are many organized programs as well, like birthday parties, company meetings, etc.
+361 401 – 5000
+361 401 – 5006
Mobile: +36 30 822-1881


The Chocolate museum can be found in the 16th district in the North peripherical area. It can be accessed by bus No 31 from Örs Vezér square (Red Metro line).


The prices varies by tours (see below), around 13-15 EUR/person. For children under 12 years is cheaper (around 9-12 EUR).

2690, 2890, and 3990 HUF.

About the building:

The building of the Museum is quite elegant, stylish. It was a hunting Castle of Count Wagner in 1902 in the midst of a wildlife area. From 1930 they started to call this area Arpadföld (residential area with houses). After in the communist years it served as a public building: school, police, cinema, cultural building. The Municipality selled the building in 1998.

Elemér Farkas who works with chocolate for more than 20 years loved the ruined building at first sight. He saw how the building will look like after renovation.

The museum was opened in 2008. They organize lots of events during the year, when the participants can see the different tools of chocolate-making from the 18-19th century, they can make chocolate themselves, and see a film about chocolate-making.

Chocolate tours:

There are different tours or programs, the Praline tour, the Regal tour and the Deli’Do program. The regal and the Praline tours start at the building entrance at the Chocolate-fountain. Every guest picks up a Marzipan or chocolate ball, hold it under the flowing chocolate and eat it.

In the Rákóczi (Famous Hungarian prince) Knight hall the visitors see Rákóczi paintings and taste a Aszu grape dipped in chocolate or other similar sweets. After in the Square of Chocolates can see Show windows from the turn of the century. After the tour continuing in the Rakoczi-cellar, where different old bottles can be checked, the adults can taste palinka, the children eats chocolate.

The participants can produce their own chocolates too: they pour chocolate to waffle-plate and decorate it with colorful sweets, coconut, or chili.

At the end of the program the participants see the copy of the equipments of the Stühmer chocolate store. The Praline tour is 1.5 hours long.

The Regal tours starts as the Praline tour, but there is a Regal-tea dinner with Candlelight and winetasting (children gets chocolate) at the end as well in the Rákóczi Knight-hall. The Regal tour is 2 hours long.

Deli’do program

In the Deli’do program after a short history overview of the museum and chocolate tasting, and watching a film, a chocolate postcard is made by the visitors. Of course the creations possible to bring home after the program.