Open beaches in Budapest



Open beaches in Budapest

First OPEN BEACHES or open air baths are usually open from May up until end of August or September depending on the weather. If the weather is not nice they close at the end of the season. In Hungary there is a big tradition to go to different kind of baths. Even the Turkish goes to baths in the 16th century, or even the Romans have a bath in Budapest, which ruins can be checked in the Bath museum. Theses opens baths are quite scattered in Budapest, partly because for these facilities are huge green areas needed, and perhaps for water sources as well. Most of them located in a beautiful, very nice green natural surrounding, with huge trees, next to the River etc.


Open beaches in Budapest

It is located in the Csepel island in great natural surrounding, but a little bit outside of the city center, it takes time to get there and come back. The easiest to go there with Suburb railway from the Boraros square, after with bus, but it takes app. 40 minutes in one direction. The Csepeli beach located next to the Soroksar Danube branch. Csepel is the name of the huge island as well, the beach is on the island. The Danube branch is several meters from the fence of the bath. In Spring or Summertime it is very relaxing to walk or ride on teh bicycle next to the river. The Soroksari Danube Branch is app 80m wide, and 53km long and at both side connected to the Danube with artificial objects, so the water is usually not flowing between this structures. So it is more like a lake. It is very popular among water sports people. The branch has a nice wildlife as well, water birds and floating islands with vegetation, there are several islands in the branch as well. Sometimes funny when people in the kayak stare at the birds on the water (what is it ?), which accustomed to people in the boats. At the other side of the road a small confectionery also can be found facing the bath’s entrance. Otherwise this is a suburb area.


1213 Budapest Hollandi str. 14

Opening hours

with the above mentioned part of the year on weekdays 9-19h, weekends 8-20h Cash closing 1 hour before end time


4 big outside pools: adventure, thermal bath, children, swimming pool

Other services:

catering services, chutes, sunbeds, value safe-keeping
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Csillaghegyi beach Budapest

The bath located in North Budapest, it is even more far, then the Csepel bath, it looks like an old pioneer camp, funny at this time (2014). This is a smaller bath with only two pools. The area is not small though, because a small hill is included above the pools, with spacious green areas with bungalows. This beach as I guess is more for artistic people who search for something unique, not so crowded place.



Opening hours

9 – 20


3 pools

Other services

Palatinus bath

The Palatinus is the most popular open bath in Budapest. First it is located in the Margaret island which is the closest to the City center. Otherwise this is also a very nice area, the Danube is very close, there is a huge green area here as well, with catering services, wave pool. In good weather (heat) it can be very crowded. There are several slides and other fancy here. A very nice place. On the Margaret island there is and other swimming pools as well which is separate from the Palatinus. The Swimming pool is in the South part of the island at West side, the Palatinus is app in the Middle at West side as well.

Opening hours:
Pools: 11 pools
Other services:


The Paskál bath can be found in the 14th district in North Pest side. The beach was built in 1989 means this is the “youngest” beach in Budapest. There are two huge pools there and a spacious green area as with the other beaches. The beach located in the North part of the city.

Location : 1141 Budapest Egressy u. 178.
Opening hours: 9-19h every day in season, the cashier closes 1 hour before (18h)
Pools: 2
Other services: children’s pool, catering services, sauna, swimming pool, sunbeds, sport courts, value safe keeping


Pünkösdfürdő bath is located in North Buda, outside in the City center in the suburb green house area. It is a very nice place as well, not far from the Danube. There are three open air pools and huge green area with catering services.


Location : 1032 BUDAPEST, KIRÁLYOK STR 272
Opening hours:
Pools: 3
Other services:



The Római beach (Roman) is also located in the North Buda (Ancient Buda) area not far from the River Danube. There are several slides here, different garden toys for children, ping-pong tables and catering facilities as well. The area is very nice the bath bordered with huge plane trees. Facing the bath entrances there is a camping as well here.

Opening hours: 9 – 20h
Pools: 3 swimming, children, adventure
Other services: Saunas, Catering services

The thing here is there is no warm thermal water pool. There are seveal outside pools, but up to 25-30 degree Celsius.

Apart from these facilities people in Budapest go bathing in natural lakes as well. Bathing in the Danube is forbidden, several people die in the Danube every year.

The best option for bathing is the Gorgeous Lake Balaton, which is app 100km from Budapest.
The second best is Lake Velence which is app 50km from Budapest.
Other options nearby, is the Lake at Gyömrő app 30km from Budapest in the City center
The Rukkel lake with huge slides between Bugyi and Taksony