Csepeli beach Budapest


Csepeli beach Budapest, Csepeli open air bath Budapest


Location : 1213 Budapest Hollandi str. 14

Opening hours: with mentioned part of the year on main page(summer) 6-20h, Cash closing 1 hour before end time, there is a plan to be open in winters as well from 2013.

Pools: 4 big outside pools: adventure, thermal bath, children, swimming pool

Other services: catering services, slides, sunbeds, value safe-keeping, valleyball field, free bicycle and motorbike safe-keeping

How to get there: With public transportation: From Petofi bridge HEV suburban train next to Danube to Szent Imre ter(3rd stop if don’t count the start station – approximately 9 minutes) after Bus No 71 to the Strandfurdo (Beach) ( 14th stops – approximately 15 minutes ). With car: From Soroksari road cross the Gubacsi bridge to Csepel direction and goes left before the block houses, and go always leftwards along the Soroksari danube branch at North direction, better check on Map or use GPS.

GPS coordinates: 47.407.829  19.100.078


The temperature in June/July starts to raise in Hungary. In this weather the best solution to survive the heat is to go into the water. Fortunately in Budapest lots of opportunities for bathing/swimming. The Csepeli open air bath/beach is situated in South Part of Budapest on Csepel island. The beach can be found in beautiful surrounding just next to the Soroksari Danube branch only a fence separate the bath from the Danube branch. The banks of the Soroksari Danube branch is a popular target for fishermen and families with kids, water sportsmen, people with dogs/pets and bicycle fans alike. This part of the city is more friendly/lot more silent than the central areas of the city next to high traffic roads, highways. The beach recently has been renewed and is a beautiful place to spend the time: nice green areas, catering possibilities, several pools: swimming pool, adventure pool, children’s pool, and hot water pool. Outside appoximately 100mm from the Beach entrance a confectionery can be find at the opposite side. Little bit further the Small Danube gulf protected area can be find which is freely can be visited. The area is protected because of the unique plants can be find there. The pictures has been made little bit before the season.