Dagaly beach Budapest


Dagaly beach Budapest

Dagaly beach Budapest

Location : 1138 Budapest, Nepfurdo str 36.

Telephone: 1 452 4556

Opening hours: 6 – 20, cashdesk closes at 19:00

Pools: 10 pools. 2 termal, 2 swimming, wave, children, spectacle, adventure

Other services: All kinds of massages (aromatic, refreshing, medical, etc), underwater massage, steam, sauna, drinking cures, foot massage, catering service, soccer field, children’ toys, external fitness machines, street ball field, value safe-keeping

The Dagaly beach can be found at a huge area North of Budapest next to the Danube. The entrance is not very visible, see above. It is easy to pass the entrance with car without noticing it. The beach is not far from the Erste’s tower next to Arpad bridge in North direction at Pest side. Beware in 13th district they collect parking fee in every area.

On Wednesdays the entrance fee is cheaper.