Palatinus beach Budapest


Palatinus beach Budapest

Location : 1138 Budapest Margitsziget (Margaret island) the beach can be found approximately at the middle looking towards North at left side, bus No 26 goes there

Opening hours: from 22nd of June until 20th of August 09-20h, From 21st of August until 1st of September 9-19h.

Pools: 11 pools

Other services: catering services, slides, soccer field, volleyball field, sunbeds, swimmingpool, wavepool, hiring services, value safe-keeping

The Palatinus beach situated at the Margaret island in Budapest. Probably this is the most popular open beach in Budapest. In hot summer days this bath can be really crowded. If the weather is not so hot perhaps not so many people there.

Palatinus bath

The bath can be find in a very nice surrounding close to the Danube and has a huge area.