Biggest shopping malls Budapest


Biggest shopping malls Budapest

Biggest shopping malls Budapest

The biggest shopping malls in Budapest are the

West End, Allee, Arena Plaza, Arkad (I and II building) Asia center, Campona, Duna plaza, Corvin, Koki Terminal and Mammut (I and II building.), Mom Park, Polus center

there are others as well but perhaps not this big


West End:

Probably the best in Budapest with it’s unique location next to the Grand Boulevard and next to West Railway station. Lots of shops, probably the best fast food collection in Budapest, in 4 level. West and has an advantage as it has been opened in 1999. Total building area is 186 000 m2, but this also includes the Hilton hotel, and 20,900m2 office area, 22 300m2 open space rooftop area, which in winter partly serves as an Ice-skating ring. The total retail area is 49,700m2.
Location:1062 Budapest Váci Way 1-3
Telephone: +36 (1) 238 7777

Arena plaza:

Was one of the biggest(perhaps the biggest) in Budapest, until the opening of Arkad 2 and located near to Keleti railway station. Wide collection of clothes, and fashion in nearly all price category. The base area is 122,000 m2, together with the underground parking the area is 180,000 m2. It was opened in 2007. Some of the Brands are only available here in Budapest.
Location:1087 Budapest, Kerepesi u 9.
Telephone: (36) 1 880 7010


Arkad with the recently opened second building becomes really huge. In fact it is the biggest in Budapest.
Location:1106 Budapest Örs vezér tere 25/a
Telephone: (1) 433 1400

Asia center:

Asia center is a home of cheap far eastern products. Located a little bit outside of the city but near to Polus center.
Location:1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169.
Telephone: (1) 06 1 688 8824


Campona is a little bit outside of the city, takes time to go there but there is a Tropicarium there and the Palace of Miracles for kids. The Tropicarium is a salt water aquarium with sharks, and other fishes, an area simulationg the tropical rainforests with rains and lightning, aligators, snakes and frogs and freely flying birds can be seen here.
Location:1222 Budapest Nagytétényi Way 37-43
Telephone:+36 (1) 424 3010

Access with public transportation

The Allee, Mammut and the Westend perhaps the most easily accessible, next to Grand Boulevard where tram No 4 and 6 circulates. For Allee the the Tram No 4 is preferred as the Tram No 6 has slightly different route, which is not the best for Allee, although it also has a stop quite close but from rear direction.

Arkad is situated at Ors Vezer square most easily accessed with Metro No 2 (red line).

Asia center most easily accessible from Autoroute No 3 as it is a little bit outside in the city.

Campona is little outside can be accessed by bus No 3, from Moricz Zsigmond square at South Buda.