Cheap shopping Budapest


Cheap shopping Budapest

Cheap shopping Budapest

I thought about to put some ideas here, perhaps someone interested :). The shopping malls or Vaczi utca in the inner city are usually are not the cheapest places to shopping, but some cases there are good opportunities, like in C&A or New Yorker for example in West End and other shopping malls.

Fashion, clothes :

There are lots of secondhand outlets in the city, typically not in the malls.


Chinese market (Jozsefvarosi piac)

The huge Chinese market in the VIIIth district is definitely a cheap place to shopping, but I would not recommend for young girls to go there alone, this is not the most beautiful or safest place in the city. There is a plan to close this market, but until can check if you wants to shop really cheap. The market has a huge area, but not everybody like this kind of environment.
Jozsefvarosi market:1087 Budapest, Kőbányai út 16
Tel: (1) 313 8890

Asia center

The Asia center can be found a little bit outside of the city in the 15th district next to Mo and the Polus center shopping mall. To go there at least 40 minutes needed from the inner city.
Asia center:1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169
(1) 688 8824

Mr Sale

Men’s fashion Weiner leo street and Jokai corner. This place is near to Nyugati railway station.


English Women’s fashion
Corvin Plaza VIII Futo u – near to Ulloi street Metro station and Corvin cinema
VII Rakoczi u 68,75
Thokoly str 9.
VI. Bajcsy Zsilinszky str 45 near Nyugati


Women’s fashion
-1092 Budapest, Ferenc blvd. 28. fszt. 3.
-M5 Auchan
-1097 Budapest, Koppány u. 2. Swedex Tesco
-Csepel plaza 1211 Budapest, II. Rákóczi Ferenc u. 154-170


Women’s fashion

Cheap kids closing

Maggie’s – Octogon (1 stops from Nyugati) and Szell Kalman square in Buda
Háda see address above

Tradeware outdoor

Good quality products at discounted price
Katona J u 9-11. Not far from Nyugati.

Food products

The best places for all kinds of food products are the Great Market hall at the Pest side of Liberty or Franz Josef bridge (here can buy special far-east products as well with great quality and quantity), and the other markets like Lehel market in Lehel square next to Nyugati with Blue metro line.


See the top of the page links about price comparison websites, the cheapest to buy from webshops, but somewhere needs to wait a day or two. Need to ask if the product is available or not. 220 Volt and Edigital are quite reliable

Other products

If you not find what you want here in this page please check the pages at the top of this page, you can find lots of things there from Motorbikes to Lizards.