List Shopping malls Budapest


List Shopping malls Budapest

List Shopping malls Budapest
There are many shopping malls in Budapest. There are many huge shopping centers like West End, Arena Plaza, Arkad and many smaller and also several little smaller. These are located in various places: some in the city center, some are in the outside districts. The first one was opened in 1996, and the last one in 2013, so all shopping centers are relatively new in Budapest. The below list perhaps doesn’t contains all the centers, but contains all of the bigger ones, and most of the smaller ones.


Allee 1117 Budapest Október huszonharmadika utca 8-10.
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Arena Plaza 1087 Budapest Kerepesi Way 9

Asia center 1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169

Árkád 1106 Budapest Örs vezér tere 25

Budagyöngye 1020 Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 121

Campona 1222 Budapest Nagytétényi út 37-43

Duna plaza 1138 Budapest Váci út 178

Europark 1191 Budapest Üllői út 201

Europeum 1088 Budapest Blaha L ter 5.

Lurdy House 1097 Budapest, Konyves Kalman Korut 12-14.

Mammut 1024 Budapest Lövőház utca 2

Mom Park 1123 Budapest Alkotás utca 53

Pólus center 1154 Budapest Szentmihályi út 131

West End 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3.
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