Music instrument shop Budapest


Music instrument shop Budapest

Music instrument shop Budapest

There are many music instrument shops in Budapest but not so easy to find them, the below list helps. I don’t know in which shop they able to speak English. They want to help though.


Where to buy a guitar, amplifier, violin, bass, etc ?

All kinds of guitars, the very special Hungary made custom Fibenare guitar official dealer
Eldorado music in Alexandra book store at
Nyugati square

Location:1055 Budapest Nyugati ter 7.

Coda music store in Rakoczi square in Grand boulevard next to Blaha square One of the most popular music instrument store in Budapest
Guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, electric violin, drums
Location:1085 Budapest Rakoczi ter 11.

Oroszlanbarlang (Lion cave)
The first store in Budapest, Ibanez guitars
Location:1137 Budapest Pozsonyi u 30.

Medgyesi music store Hungarian top musicians likes this store, the Store lead by an instrument maker.
Location:1087 Budapest Luther u 1/C

Buda guitar shop Acoustic master guitars
Location: 1111 Budapest, Bercsényi u. 6.
Telephone:(+36-1) 361-0575

Arkadia music store in Grand boulevard
Location:1073 Budapest Erzsebet krt 22
Telephone:+36-1-352-72-54, gatephone: 5

Burns guitars
Location:1214 Budapest Zrinyi u 2/a
Telephone:+36-1-789 8642, +36 30 639 5679

Corpus music shop All kind of instruments: guitar, violin, bass, drums, smaller wind instruments, etc
Location: 1061 VI.Ker. Budapest, Hegedű u. 1/b
Telephone: +36 1/266 6130; 061/877 5439

Gitarcentrum music shop
Location: VI. district Alsoerdosor 8.
Telephone: +36 1/332-04-03, +36 30 960 8420

Powerstate music shop
Location:1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné útja 71
Telephone: +36 1/ 06-1-223-1769

Rockforth music shop
Warwick and framus guitars
Location:1092 Budapest, Bakáts tér 1/b
Telephone: +36 1/ 06-1-225-0528

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