Soroksari Danube branch

Soroksari Danube brach

Soroksar danube branch
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If we don’t want to ride one of the best area is from Csepel island next to the Csepeli beach at Hollandi street/road. The municipality placed street lighting and gravel in several km length. There is a naturally protected small gulf here as well. To get there first must get the Suburb railway to Csepel island center ( Szent Imre square ) from Boraros square, next to Petofi bridge, after get the bus No 71 till the Csepeli beach (Hollandi road).
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The pictures made at this area. There is a confectionery here as well apart from the Open bath. From the Boraros square at least 45 minutes needed, as the bus goes in every 20 minutes, perhaps in hot summer days more frequently.
soroksari danube branch


The Soroksári Danube branch is situated at North East direction, started from South-Pest (Soroksár 23. district)- and goes along all the way to Ráckeve, a city approximately 50km from Budapest. The Danube branch can be approached from several directions: from Csepel island South part of Budapest, or right direction from Soroksári road under the Gubacsi bridge.


Soroksári Danube branch or Ráckeve Soroksári Danube brach is a very interesting place in Budapest. It is a very a popular place among fishermen, water sports fans, and bikers alike. This Danube branch not flows like the mother river, because it is situated between two sluices: the Tass sluice South direction from Budapest and Kvassay sluices at Csepel.

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Length of the Soroksari Danube brach

The total lenght is 57,3 km from Budapest to Ráckeve.

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Rent a kayak / canoe

At a Gubacsi bridge it is possible to rent a kayak / canoe in a boat called Kaloztanya (Pirate farm). To go there must take a taxi or a bus No 23 from Boraros ter to the station called Erzsebet felso. After taking off the bus must walk under the bridge till the water and North direction we find the boat.

Botel Hotel

soroksar danube branch
Not far from the Kaloztanya boat at the same place but the opposite side of the river, and little more South direction there is even a Hotel on a boat called Botel Hotel.


Interesting at the point of fishing: I have never seen someone has actually catch a fish at the Budapest section (South parts is a different story :)), and I’ve spoken to many fisherman and not really remember anyone said the Danube branch is good at the aspect of fishing. They told about fishes has been caught in past, but not in the present. According to official statistics it is the most popular fishing place in all Hungary, they catch 300t fish here every year, which is more than the quantity placed in the water.

Capital fishes

At the other hand the National Fisher Magazine always reports huge fishes has been caught here: 20kg Carps, Grass carps, huge Breams, etc has been caught here. Totally 40 different species can be found here. The width at Budapest at the section of Gubacsi bridge is approximately 60-80 m, the Southern parts are 2-300m wide.

Islands, branches

The river has several islands, even several at the Budapest area that makes this Danube branch interesting. The biggest in the Molnar island which can be accessed from Pest side at Soroksar district (XXIII.) area. The Molnar island is packed with weekend plots, but can be walked around as well. The brach-branch here next to the Island is very narrow, 10-20m is the width (the main part still 80-100m wide). The Soroksári Danube has also significant quantity brach and backwaters totally half of the length of the original riverbed.


The Shore can be approached (at Budapest) at the bicycle road that goes along the shore, somewhere asphalt, somewhere dirt road, somewhere not exactly next to the ”river”. These roads in summer is very popular. The dedicated road goes at the Eastern shore, but many goes at the Western shore as well.

Restaurants infrastructure

The Soroksari Danube brach is more of a natural state, which means not many resturants, facilities or Medical care available there. A good restaurant can be found South wise from the area I suggested in the Fisherman association building. Otherwise not many restaurants there. There is an other place at the Soroksar (Pest side not on the Csepel island) side as well with a funny name as the Green frog restaurant.

Zöld béka restaurant (Green frog)
Budapest, Horgász part 56/b, 1239
(30) 268 6767

Natural values

soroksari danube branch
Great crested Grebe (Podiceps Cristatus) on the Soroksari Danube branch, funny moments can be captured here sometimes, a young girl in the Canoe saw the Grebe which was approximately 2m from the front part of the canoe (What is it ?), she looks more surprised than the bird, which is quite accustomed to boat traffic, as sometimes kayaks goes / compete in 8 lines on the branch, followed by a motorboat (the coach is usually). When the boat comes the Grebe goes underwater as usually the bird does, and when the boat crosses the place comes to the surface again.

The Soroksári Danube branch has significant natural values: the most interesting specialty of this ‘river’ is the floating islands with thick vegetation, grass and even living trees on them. Lots of protected birds and animals can be found at the river, that has totally 700 Hectare protected area. Otherwise the shores are mostly covered with weekend plots.

Bird species at Soroksari danube branch

The following bird species can be seen at Soroksari danube branch: Coot, Mallard, Black Headed Gull, Yellow legged gull, Blue tit, Great tit, Penduline tit, Green woodpecker, Great spotted woodpecker, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Common Kestrel, Wren, Great crested grebe, Little grebe.