Spas in Budapest


Last update: 23th March 2015

Spas in Budapest


Budapest spa
Szechenyi spa swimmingpool


In Hungary Spas, and visiting spas has a culture and tradition. First known spas was build here in Roman age. The ruins still can be checked at Spa Museum at Aquincum. After the Turkish also build spas here in the 16th century. Three of these spas (Rudas, Veli bej, Kiraly) still functioning in Budapest.

The most popular spa in Budapest is the Szechenyi baths in the City park called Varosliget behind the Heroes square, at the end of the World heritage Andrassy road. Most people visit the spa in August during the Sziget festival, this time of the year is the only time that this spa can be full, and need to wait for the entrance.

These places often used by locals to have a bit of relaxation and discuss issues likes sports, politics, family, or economy.

The spas in Budapest differ in size, some of them are huge for even 10,000 people in the same time, others are really exclusive for 10-50 or maximum several hundred people at the same time.

Most of these places are not newly built most of them was built at least a decade ago. Renovation is going for these places usually as it needed. Architecturally these baths are quite interesting, many beautiful things can be seen.

Apart from thermal medical water, massage, saunas, steam and infra cabins are usually available in this baths, and somewhere professional medical treatment as well.

Below find the locations of Spas Budapest in alphabetical order. Main season is summer in wintertime most of the places functioning on less area, and less services. In some places womens and mens are separated in some days.


The Aqua World is relatively newly built facility in Budapest. The construction works started in 2007. There are many pools and slides can be found here. The Aqua World can be found near M0 at North Pest side. It is a bit off center, but can have a great fun there for several hours. There are 9 slides there as well apart from the many different pools. Catering facilities are also available in the complex.

Location: 1044 Budapest, Ives str 16

Opening hours: every day 6 -10, swimming pools 6 – 9:30 a.m, Sauna world 6 – 9:30 a.m

Pools: 17 pools, and 9 slides

Other services: Baby swimming, surf, diving, massage, sauna, restaurant, hotel, lots of organised programs



budapest spa
The Dagály is an open beach and a spa as well. it is located in North near the Arpad bridge, next to the Danube. The thermal water is the same which can be found in Szechenyi baths as well (it comes from there). The open air parts only open in summer between June and August usually depending on weather conditions.

Location: Near Árpád bridge Pest side 1138 Budapest Népfürdő str. 36.

Opening hours: every day 6 – 20 h, closing of pay desk 19:00

Pools: 2 No swimming pools 50, and 25 meters, Thermal pools 2, other pools adventure pool, wave pool

Other services : massage, sunbeds, lazy river, playground, children’s pool, beach volleyball fields, soccer field, catering service facilities, value safe-keeping



The Dandar is a smaller spa, recently renovated. It can be found near Petofi bridge at South Pest side in a smaller street. The spa located in a residential building in the cellar and the groundfloor level.

Location : 1095 BUDAPEST DANDÁR STR 3.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 6- 20, bath time 3 hours, from 1st of September Saturday: 6 – 14

Pools: 2 thermal baths 36, 38 Celsius, 1 colder pool 20 Celsius

Other services:



The Gellert bath is located in the 5 star hotel, at the bottom of Gellert hill, in South Buda. High quality services expected here, for the same level of price. the Gellert hotel is a frequent host for spa conferences. There are open air and internal pools there as well, and various medical treatments are also available.


Opening hours: Every day 6- 20 Cashier until 19 h, Complex health bath: Weekdays 6:30 – 19:00

Pools: 13 pools external internal

Other services: Massage, Cosmethics, Manicure, Foot care, Dental services



The Kiraly is a Turkish spa in Budapest near to the city center in Buda side. Turkish baths usually has an octogonal pool under the dome, which is a main part of the bath, and several smaller pools with different water temperature from cold to really warm.

Location : 1027 BUDAPEST FŐ U 84.

Opening hours: Every day 9 -21 Cashier: until 20 h

Pools: 4 No Spa 26/32/36/40 Celsius temperature, and a jacuzzi

Other services: Sauna, Steam Cabin, Massage, Foot care



The Lukacs spa can be found in Buda side near the Margaret bridge next to Veli bej spa, behind the park.

Location : 1023 BUDAPEST FRANKEL LEO STR 25-28.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 6-21h, 6-22h, Tuesday 6-20h

Pools: 2 swimming pool, a spa, adventure pool, underwater traction bath

Other services: Sauna, Steam Cabin, Kneipp pools, sinking pool, Himalaya saltwall, lounge



The Rudas spa is a Turkish bath near to Elisabeth bridge at the bottom of Gellert hill. Some days the bath is coeducated other days are separated to men and women.

Location : 1013 BUDAPEST, DÖBRENTEI TÉR 9.

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 6- 18h, Thursday-Sunday 6-20, Friday-Saturday 22:00 – 4:00, Womens day: Tuesday, Mens day:Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Both men and women Saturday, Sunday.

Pools: 7 totally, thermal bath, swimmingpool

Other services: Saunas, steam cabin, massage, underwater massage, foot care



– the best for last, unique athmosphere


Opening hours: Every day 6- 22h

Pools: 18 totally, 3 big outside (swimmingpool, spa and adventure pool) , and 15 smaller inside (from 20 to 40 degree Celsius)

Other services: Saunas, steam cabins, massage, underwater massage, foot care

Veli bej


The Veli bej is an exclusive Turkish bath in Budapest. It can be found under the hospital in Buda side near the Margaret bridge, next to the Lukacs spa.

Pools: 4 pools, 1 bigger others are smaller


usually opens from middle of May or beginning of June to end of August or middle of September depending on weather conditions


Location : 1213 BUDAPEST HOLLANDI STR. 14

Opening hours: with the above mentioned part of the year on weekdays 9-19h, weekends 8-20h Cash closing 1 hour before end time

Pools: 4 big outside pools: adventure, thermal bath, children, swimming pool

Other services: catering services, chutes, sunbeds, value safe-keeping




Opening hours: 9 – 20

Pools: 3 pools

Other services:



The Palatinus is the most popular open beach in Budapest, it is located in the Margaret island. Huge green areas, huge pools can be found here, not far from the Danube (the Whole island is 500mm wide).


Opening hours:

Pools: 11 pools

Other services:



Location : 1141 BUDAPEST EGRESSY U 178.

Opening hours:

Pools: 2

Other services:



Location : 1032 BUDAPEST, KIRÁLYOK STR 272

Opening hours:

Pools: 3

Other services:



The Romai open bath is located in the North oldest part of the city. The bath is bordered with huge plane trees. The area is beautiful. The only drawback that there is no thermal water here, the warmest pool is around 30 Celsius degree.


Opening hours: 9 – 20h

Pools: 3 swimming, children, adventure

Other services: ping pong, different kind of machines for gymanastics or body building, catering services