Budapest Aquaworld Aquaworld Budapest

Budapest Aquaworld Aquaworld Budapest

Budapest, Distict IV. Ives u 16.
In case you don’t know there are 23 districts in Budapest. The ones in center which are frequently visited by tourist are only about 4 districts (2,5,6,7)

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The Budapest Aquworld is located in the suburb industrial area of Budapest in the 4th district,with not much real industrial activity. It is on the North side of the city, near the Danube and the Megyeri bridge which was almost named Chuck Norris bridge. There is a hotel as well next to the adventure bath. The surrounding is mainly an industrial area, with not much real
industrial activity. But not far from here there are some really nice places at the side of the Danube river, both
in Budapest 4th district area, both in the nearby Dunakeszi, the next settlement from North.

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Budapest Aquaworld

There are many pools there for young and old alike. Without counting it one by one I tell, what I remember:
there is a big pool with warm water which is continuing in outside area, as usual in many baths in Hungary,
there is a swimming pool, a pool which serves as a landing water for the slides. There are smaller pools with hot water,
and there is a pool at the back part for smaller children with slides. There is a play room next to it, as well, without


The restaurant is not bad, and for such a place not expensive either. Of course for this price not expect Michelin
quality. You can either pay with cash, or at the end of your bath at the entrance of the facility as well, with your
wrist watch, which you got to enter the bath.

Is it worth it ?

It depends what you expect. It takes time to get there and come back from the usual tourist destinations, and
the entrance fee for a complete family is not cheap (we pay 12,000 HUF, in January 2020 (35-40 EUR)), but the other spas in Budapest are not cheap either. The
competition in one way very strong, but if you have smaller kids, not many facilities like these around. On the other way you can easily spend several hours
or even a day there without much effort.