Szechenyi Spa Budapest

Szechenyi Spa Budapest

The Szechenyi spa was started to built in 1909 according the plans of Gyozo Czigler. Czigler was a university teacher in the Technical University and he died before the Spa was built but it was told to him that it will be constructed. Czigler worked more than 20 years on the design. Czigler delegate Ede Dvorak to subsitute him as his deputy. The total built-in area was 6220 m2. In 1913 200,000 visitors were in the bath. In 1918 there were more than 890,000 people there. Later the City asked Imre Francsek to design additional parts to the bath.


1146 Budapest Állatkerti avenue 9-11. In the Varosliget City Park behind Heroes square, must cross the bridge the yellow building left side behind. There are three entrances.

Opening hours:

Every day 6- 22h


18 totally, 3 big outside (swimmingpool, spa and adventure pool) , and 15 smaller inside (from 20 to 40 degree Celsius)

Other services:

several saunas and steam cabins, massage, lazy river, underwater massage,foot care
Services of the Tenants of the Spa: Thai massage, Other types of Massages,Cosmetics

Széchenyi spa, Budapest



Arguably the best spa in Budapest, and the biggest in Europe. A real pleasure to spend 2-3 hours there under the sky in the thermal water. All kinds of pools can be find here with different water temperature, and beautiful scenery in summer and winter alike. In the swimming pool the cap is necessary.(usually can buy for 3-4 Eur) All kind of fancy staff like Thai massage or Fish pedicure available here. Three external pools, and lots of internal pools, massage, saunas and steam cabins as well available.  Above pictures can be seen the three external pools: hot water pool, swimming pool, and adventure pool. Lazy river in the middle of the adventure pool, and different kind of water massage in the adventure and hot water pool is available for the legs, back, neck as well. The hottest hot water spring in Budapest the water comes up more than a kilometer depth. This spring gives water to two other spas in Budapest as well.

Perhaps in summertime an open beach a better choice. See open beaches here: Open beaches in Budapest