Budapest Wildlife


Budapest Wildlife

Budapest Wildlife

Ruddy shelduck is a rare visitor in Budapest

Budapest is an interesting city. It’s location is very unique just below the bend of the Danube, hills at Buda side, plains at Pest side. Surely before people settle here the wildlife were abundant in this region where different kinds of habitat meets. Budapest has a huge area, and not all area is densely populated.

Most interesting places in Budapest for wildlife:

Danube (gulls, ducks, shorebirds)
Buda hills (woodpeckers, singing birds, Goshawk, sparrowhawk)
Lakes – there are many
Soroksari Danube branch (Grebes, ducks, coot, little bittern, kingfisher, blue heron, green woodpecker)
Islands (Margaret island, Hajogyari island, Szunyog island, Szentendre island)
Forests (Buda hills, next to the Airport)
Parks (Varosliget city park, Nepliget park, Obol in South Buda)
Marshes – even imperial eagle, owls, reed birds

What we can expect to see here:

Of course cannot expect very rare species here which don’t like disturbance. But in Spring and Autumn migration there is a chance to see some unique species. For example last winter lots of waxwings can be seen throughout the city.

Budapest wildlife

In Nepliget, Margaret island or the City park squirrels can be seen. Lots of birds can be seen in Budapest. Some places bats are quite common.

Bird species can be seen in Budapest (inside the city border)

Of course theses species cannot be found in Vaczi utca or Deak square, or at the Grand boulevard but for example in the City park behind the Heroes square or Margaret island lots of species can be observed by the experienced or patient, quiet and curious people.
Blue tits Great tits Greenfinch Pheasant Black redstart – very common Mallard Hawfinch Grey heron Nuthatch Goldfinch, wren, robins even European bee eaters

European magpie – very common Hooded crow Rook Kingfisher Western jackdaw Collared flycatcher Spotted flycatcher Nightingale Little grebe Great crested grebe Coot Reed warbler Woodpeckers(small, great, green, black) Gulls Sparrowhawk Common Buzzard Kestrel Owls

Rare bird species

During migration some very interesting birds can be seen even on the Danube (gulls, shorebirds, ducks), in the parks, Gellért hill or the city park lake or other lakes, or in the islands like Kinglets (yellow and ruby), shorebirds like Ruddy turnstone, Ruddy shelduck, Common snipe or other interesting birds like European nightjar, Wryneck, Collared flycatcher. In winters sometimes Waxwings, Wallcreepers can be seen. (all these birds has a data in Budapest).