Fishing in Budapest


Fishing in Budapest

Fishing in Budapest

Budapest is an interesting city even for fishing, with lots of waters around everywhere. If a foreigner wants to fish the following procedure have to followed.

1. For fishing in Budapest must get a yearly national ticket, this is available several places for example at Nagybudapesti HE (Fishing Association) in XIth district at Lagymanyosi street. See below. The ticket costs 2 250 HUF together with the fishing diary.

Fishing in Budapest

2. Get a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly ticket at the same place(for the Danube, Balaton, Lake Tisza, etc) or at a private lake, or one of the many fishing shops in Budapest. The waters are different depending on the official owner, one ticket doesn’t good everywhere. Private lakes usually sells ticket just at the shore, bigger waters like Danube, Tisza, Lake Balaton Tisza are belongs to national organisation, and can get the tickets at (Fishing asssociations). Even the Danube doesn’t have one “owner” different ticket needed for different sections.

After we can check one of the waters in Budapest. The supply is abundant: Lake Danube, Soroksari Danube branch, several lakes inside outside Budapest.
See information about the Lakes here:
Lakes around Budapest

Surprisingly Fishing in Budapest in the Danube is not bad at all for tipical river fishes. In case last year(2012) the “Danube flowers” occurred again after 40 years of absence.

One of the Most popular place in Budapest is the Soroksari Danube branch is South(where the Danube separated at Csepel island). The better places for fishing can be found at sections outside for Budapest. This branch is 57km long starting from Budapest to down to Rackeve. I actually never see anyone catch a fish in the Budapest area. According to popular Hungarian fishing magazine lots of huge fish caught there: 20kg carps, 25kg Amurs, huge smaller fishes. Mostly little bit off from Budapest area. The branch is beautiful, with islands in it, somewhere looks like a jungle. It has significant natural values as well. See more at
Soroksari Danube branch

There are some smaller fishing lakes between the houses, or the suburb areas here:
Lake near Koki terminal shopping center Banyato street
Lake at Southwest Koerberek residential area next to road No 7
small Lake at Kekto street in XIth district
Lake at Vajk Street XVIII district Balazs lake 1 Ha

Bigger ones in Budapest area:
Naplas lake
Csepel gravel lakes
Omszk and Lupa lakes

Lakes outside of Budapest area:

Lots of private lakes can be found at Pest side South from Budapest starting from Alsonemedi,Dunaharaszti, Bugyi Taksony, Delegyhaza, etc. This former gravel pits are perhaps the best option: they are in beautiful circumstances, with houses, places for garbage, smaller bigger with usually lots of fishes.

Lake Velencei is approximately 50km from Budapest a touristically significant lake with lots of beaches.