Useful informations of Budapest


Budapest has been formed from two Towns and several villages. Buda and Pest has been unified in 1873. The Danube divides Buda from Pest. The Danube goes from North to South in Budapest, Buda is on the West side, Pest is the East side of the Danube. Buda is the side where the hills are.


Embassys informations, address, telephone numbers: Embassys , consulates in Hungary at

BKV’s website: BKV’s (Budapest transportation company) website At top second tab from left can be found timetables for all public vehicles.

Districts:Budapest is divided into 23 districts. In the four digit number the two inside number shows the district. For example 1335 is in 13th District.

Population: Budapest population approximately 1,7 Million, with the commuters approximately 2,5 million.

Hungary’s country code is 36. +36 should add at the beginning of the call initiated from the foreigner mobile phone, intended to call hungarian numbers. Perhaps not works for everyone depending the original country’s mobile networks system.

Phone number of

Ambulance 104

Fire Marschall 105

Police 107

There is a plan to have a unified number of 112 in the future.

Spoken languages: lots of people speak English and German, perhaps less speak French, Italian or Spanish.

Almost every hotel has lots of booklets, maps, etc about the program possibilities.

For a good starting/reference point the best place for tourist is perhaps Deák square where the 3 metro lines meet. The Danube can be used also as a reference and with a compass easily can be in safe position.

Travel card: unlimited travel inside city border 72 hours 4150 HUF

Budapest card – official city card ( 1 card is for 1 adult+1kid until 6 years age) until 31st of March 2013:

24hour card:3900 HUF

48 hour card:9900 HUF  (more expensive because it is contains a Hop on-hop off bus ticket, and a free boat Tour as well)

72hour card:7900 HUF

Advantages: inside city border free traffic with all public transportation, except trains from Train stations. (Buses, Metro, Trams, Trolley, etc)

free entrance to the Zoo, currently with a newborn baby elephant (2013 february).

Two free sightseeing tour (Buda and Pest) with English guidance

Discounts in Museums and other places (10-50%).

Discounts in other programs, and events (boat trips, and walking trips, restaurants, cafe shops, spas,  cultural, and folklore programs.) 10-30%.

Where to get it:

  • Budapestinfo Points
  • Deák Ferenc square – 1052 Sütő street 2. (M1, M2, M3 Deák Ferenc square), opening hours: 8:00 – 20:00
  • Liszt Ferenc square – 1061 Andrássy út 47. (M1 Oktogon), opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2A, opening hours: 8:00 – 23:00
  • Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2B, opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Non-stop informational telephone line:+36 1 438 80 80