Lakes around Budapest


Lakes around Budapest

There are many Lakes in Budapest for many purposes: fishing, bathing, having fun, boating and perhaps for other reasons as well.

Starts with a lakes in Budapest or really close:

1. Soroksar Danube branch


The Soroksari Danube branch in theory it is not a lake but in reality more of a lake than a river. This 57 km long Danube branch located between South Pest and the city called Rackeve. There are areas for swimming (not really common in Budapest areas), and lots of areas for fishing, and water sports are also very popular (kayak, canoe, dragon boat). There are also significant natural values can be found here. One of the popular picnic area can be found in the Csepel island next to the Csepel beach around Hollandi street, where the municipality makes a path with lighting as well next to the branch.

The Soroksari danube branch has some islands and some very abandoned places around. In summer the area is quite popular: fishermen, bicyclists, people with their dogs, water sports people are there.
See the article about the Soroksari Danube branch here

2. Naplas lake in North Pest

Naplas lake is not really close to the city center, it is a usual fishing lake and nature reserve area. It is located in North-east Pest area in Cinkota. It is a little complicated to get there. The Lake is at the end of the Szilas spring which crosses the city in the North Pest area. Swimming and bathing is forbidden in the Lake, and I never see a boat as well. During migration it is an interesting area for migrating water birds. The neighboring forest and several fields around also part of the natural protection area, the total protected area is 150 hectare. Several interesting plant can be found in this area. Fishing is possible in the lake with a permit, in cold winters skating is also possible. It is one of the biggest lake inside the city border.

3. Feneketlen (bottomless) lake

feneketlenThe Feneketlen (Bottomless) lake is a really small lake in the Buda side near the Moricz Zsigmond square, not very far from Alley shopping center. The area of the Lake is around 1 Hectare. It is a pleasant area, there are several confectioneries nearby, and a park with benches. Despite the small size, it has a plentiful wildlife in certain periods, mostly in the early morning and late afternoon. Species like Reed Warbler, Mallard, Turtles appear in certain periods. I saw even Grey heron here. Around the Lake a small park can be found which gives home to many singing birds, like Blue and Great Tits, Robin, Wren, Blackbird, and others. The area is very popular among stundents from the neighboring Technical and Horticultural universities. As far as I know fishing is forbidden, but always somebody there with a fishing equipment, it is more like playing here though.

4. Omszk lake and Lupa lake

lakes around budapest omszk
The Omszk lake in North Budapest for swimming and water sports (Wakeboard) are popular and there is a Lupa lake nearby at the other side of the Szentendrei road named after Lupa island, but the lake is not on the island. The Omszk Lake is the smaller one in the Budakalasz area, both water sports (water ski, wakeboard) and fishing is popular here, obviously the two activity at the same time it is not the most beneficial. In the middle of the Lake there is a wire which is used for water skiing during the whole year. There is a path around the Lake and there are several restaurants and pubs as well. The Lupa lake is little harder to access, the shores are steep and stairs lead to the lake, and there are narrow areas around the Lake. It was very dirty with lots of garbage around, like bottles, and bags, and such things. People sunbathing with little or no clothes also appeared here, but there people with swimming dress on as well. Officially swimming and bathing is forbidden as far as I know, as this is a gravel lake, which is very deep.

5. Csepel lakes

lakes around budapest csepel
The Csepel island is a huge island in the South part of Budapest, more of a District in Budapest, but the island is much bigger, than the area belong to Budapest (the island is 48 km long), and there are several other settlements here as well outside of Budapest (Szigetszentmiklos, Tokol). There are several lakes here with an area with week-end houses. These lakes are in the Budapest area inside the M0 motorway, which crosses the island. These lakes are former gravel pits, which is very common in these South Budapest areas. These lakes are mostly used for fishing, but there are some lakes where they used to swim / bath as well, but there are better options for that purpose, because there is no infrastructure for this here (No pavement, showers, lockers, catering, just natural lakes).

6. Koerberek lake

The Koerberek lake is mainly a small fishing lake next to Koerberek residential area, at at bottom of the block houses near road No 7.

Lakes around Budapest
1. Lake Velence

– very popular lake 50km from Budapest
velenceiIf we come out of Budapest, the Lake Velence is the best option. It is located approximately 50km from Budapest, which length at 80% leads in a highway. It is a different dimension than the Budapest lakes discussed above. Here the fun is at much higher level. The South shore of the 24km2 lake is a continuous beach area. The Lake is really shallow which makes it ideal for bathing / swimming / playing in the water kinds of activities. In Agard which is one of the settlements next to the Lake there are a thermal water bath as well and there are several campings nearby as well. In summer many rock rock and roll concerts held there. Fishing is also possible here, and boats are also very common in the Lake. The North side is a natural protection area with lots of water birds.

2. Rukkel lake

lakes in budapest rukkel

The Rukkel lake is a former gravel Lake South direction from Budapest, between Bugyi and Taksony app 25 km from Budapest. The area is now closed with fence, there are huge slides and catering possibilities as well. The Lake is deep, unlike many Hungarian natural lakes, so needs to take care of little children. It is a very nice place in summertime, in good weather huge crowd is expected here. Some entrance fee is expected here. As far as I know no fishing allowed here, but there are many other lakes nearby for fishing, the closest perhaps just several hundred meter away.

3. Gyomro lake bath

lakes around budapest gyomro
The Gyomro (Gyömrő in Hungarian) lake bath can be found approximately 25km from Budapest in Southeast direction. To get there must go on the Airport highway, after must turn left in the turnaround after we left Budapest. Gyomro is few km from the turnaround. There are two smaller lakes here in the city center, one is used for bathing / swimming the other for fishing, the Lakes are much smaller than the Rukkel lake for example, but perhaps better infrastructure, as it is located in the city. Some entrance fee is expected. There is a bar there and several catering possibilities as well, but the Lake is really small.

4. Delegyhazi lakes 35-40km from Budapest

lakes around budapest delegyhazaDelegyhazi lakes are situated in South direction from Budapest. Delegyhaza is a small settlement with approximately 3000 inhabitants. These lakes are little more far, than the Lakes in the South Pest area, but little closer than Lake Velence. There are more lakes there in a naturally nice green area, but not so popular as many of the other alternatives. There are more lakes here for fishing, bathing, and relaxing as well. The lakes are most knows for naturists also like to be there, at one of the lakes. Partly because of the distance and not so developed infrastructure that these lakes are not as popular today.

5. Hazireti reservoir, Pilis hills

The Hazireti reservoir is perhaps the most popular fishing lake in the near Budapest region. It is located between Solymar and Pilisvorosvar in North direction next to road no 10. The price of the daily ticket is around 10 Euro. It is possible to fish in nights as well, but for an extra money. There is a small fishing shop here as well together with a bufe. It is located approximately 10km from Budapest city border. The road which is leading to the lake is not an asphalt, but gravel covered road. The area of the Lake is 26 Hectare. Around 400 people can fish at the same time.

6. Palatinus lake, Esztergom

– In the Palatinus lake (Pala, Bagger, Satorkopuszta, Dorog lake) there are fishing, bathing and diving possibilities as well. The beach is not free, but not too expensive either. This is also a gravel pit, with a size of 840 x 350m. The water is one of the most clear in Hungary. The area of the Lake is 32 Hectare. The beach and the diver area is on the North side, while the South area is mostly covered with fishing houses. They sunk a boat here, which was built in 1615, and found in the Danube, in the Lake for the divers to study. There is a diver museum is also here. The depth of the Lake is 10m. The water is clear because they used a new technology to gain the sand out.

7. Alsonemedi fishing lakes

lakes around budapest alsonemediIn Alsonemedi a small Svabish settlement approximately 20km South from Budapest, several fishing lakes can be found. The one in the picture is a quite nice lake at the end of the village with little wooden houses especially for fishing, containers for garbage as well. Night fishing is also possible, but must pay a separate ticket for that. In the entrance building it is possible to buy different equipments and baits, which is usually true for most of the private lakes in Hungary.

8. Water sports lake at Dunaharaszti

Dunaharaszti a neighboring settlement to Alsonemedi, and there are also many mostly fishing lakes can be found, but there is one lake for water sports as well next to road No 51. Jet ski and waterskiing is possible here. There is a restaurant and there are wooden houses for the guests as well.

9. Szavanna fishing lake

lakes in budapest szavanna
The Szavanna fishing lake is also near the South Pest area, it is also a former gravel pit. It is interesting most fisherman here was from another countries, as I noticed. It is an average sized lake, with nice natural surrounding.

This article doesn’t contain all the lakes in the region. In South Budapest there are many fishing lakes can be found, 60% which we listed is in this region. In North there are also more lakes.